Ensure the best of product quality equal to freezing by Cryogenic technology
Ensure weight loss is less than 1 %
Ensure freezing time is equally to cryogenic system
Ensure quality, texture and test after thawing is the same with fresh product

Ensuring a higher of return on investment
Ensure freezing cost only 0.40-1.00 B/kg product compare to 7.00-10.00 B/kg freezing by CO2 or N2
Ensure 7 month return of investment (by Cabinet freezer) and1.5 year return of investment (by tunnel freezer
Or we can provide leasing program for your long term payment
Rental program also can provide as the option

Ensure easy to install, less maintenance with good service team
2-4 days interruption on your production line while installation
Small foot print to safe your space

Ensure hygienic design freezer
Design according to hygienic standard