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Cryogenic freezing temperatures at mechanical freezer's operating cost
Maxi-Kool Technology
Maxi-Cool Technology managed to reduce the operating temperature of our freezing system to match those of Cryogenic Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide systems but at a fraction of the operating cost.

The Maix-Kool system operated on a mechanically operated freezing system design with electrictiy as the main operating cost. Referring to the table overleaf, our freezing system consumes less than 25kW of electricity per hour operation. It is even less than most mechanical freezing system with comparable capacities.

The Maxi-Kool freezing system has throughput ranging from 100 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr on a standard range of our machine. This system is very suitable for virtually all food processors who needs high quality frozen goods but needs to keep their operating cost to a mininum.
Excellen Food Texture and Tatse
At an operating temperature of -75°C, Maxi-Kool system reduces the temperature of food products rapidly.

This minimize large ice crystal formation and helps preserved food texture. Dehydration is reduced to almost nothing which gives the product a fresher than fresh quality.

Operating Safety
Besides offering a low operating cost altenative to tradiltional freezing methods, Maxi-Kool system does not have any safety hazards commonly associated with Cryogenic systems mainly, gas leakage that may lead to suffocation and cold burns.

Small unit big capacity
Maxi-Kool can be easily incorporated into existing processing floor with it's small foot print and large production capacity. It is also suitable to be used as a peak season backup unit to endure processors meet their customers needs all tear round.